*Partners: Chris DiDominico, Zach Goldman, Lily Masco & Amanda Correra

Rebranding Competition 

The Marist College Fashion Program has a class called Fashionology.  This is a student run boutique, with two kiosks in an academic hall.  The students manage the kiosk, and the students design the clothes.  The fashion program was not keen about the name, or the logo, so they gathered groups of advertising students to compete, and rebrand the program.  Our clients want their clothes to seem hip & cool.  Trying to expand their demographics to be male friendly, the fashion program wants their products, & their image, to not be a clone of the bookstore.  These products aren't supposed to scream, "I Go To Marist;" rather the products should represent Marist, while remaining fashiononable.  They should be something you'd feel comfortable wearing during any situation.


After completing a situational analysis and researching with focus groups,  we had come up with a strong name, & a strong position.  Although we ended up placing in second, this project allowed me to understand what branding is, & how to effectively implement it.      

Brand Positioning

There are three elements that was used to back up the core position.  The core position is "Internal Pride", which is backed up by three elements: Reflection (looking back at the memories you have on campus), Polished (the clean-cut and preppy look that appears to be uniform on campus) & Community (the feeling of family that exists between the student body, faculty, staff & alumni).  Marist will always be a home away from home for anyone who has spent time here.  The core posistion, Internal Pride, is the reason that students lose interest in products from the bookstore.  The student body wants to represent Marist everywhere they go, yet the older students get, the more appreciaitive they become of quailty products, & subtly showing their school spirit.  This feeling of Internal Pride makes the product more personal.  Students aren't wearing these items to impress those who are foreign to Marist, rather to support the Marist community.  They buy these products because they know that it is designed for them.  They buy these products for themselves.    

Brand Video

This video was made to assist future fashion students understand the brand position.  It also could be used to create awareness throughout the campus, about the new brand, & its association with the Marist Fashion Department. 

Name, Logo, Tagline

MCMV, it does not form a witty anagram, rather it represents a monumental moment in Marist history.  MCMV is Roman Numeral for 1905.  That is the year that the Marist Brothers purchased the first plot of land on campus.  For anyone who has spent an extended period of time on campus, this date is extremely signifigant to them.  If the Marist Brothers had not made that purchase in 1905, would Marist exist today?  If the school had never been formed, where would the students, faculty & staff be today?  All relationships formed & every memory students have on campus, can trace them back to the year 1905.  This is a signifigant date in Marist history, and now it is time for the Fashion Department to own this date.  

The logo was inspired by the Marist Seal (To the right).  This logo is trademarked by the fashion department, yet is not universally popular among the student body.  We took inspiration from that, & designed the logo to be similar to Roman Numerals.  The logo is eye catching, and even resembles some buildings on the campus 

Tagline: "Wear Your Inner Pride"

The tagline is "Wear Your Inner Pride."  This tag is stimulating, making the student body have to think twice about its meaning.  This will allow students to realize that these products are made for the Marist Commuinity.  That these products stand for more, that they represent you.  

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