Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Big Idea


Working with Quinn O'Brien, VP of Global Brand Strategies at Lenovo, he provided us with an actual client brief.  The objective of this campaign was to create a viral online video that features Ashton Kutcher.  Targeting Millenials, Lenovo is looking to start competiting with Apple & Samsung, and have a major presence in the United States.  

"Different is Better."  The Yoga Tablet stands out from its competitors, whether it's the tablet's functions, or the design of the hardware.  With the Yoga, you will stand out, you will be different, and that is a good thing.  The creative features a character named Jeff, who owns a Yoga tablet.  Whenever he takes it out, he transforms in Ashton Kutcher.  

Provided below are two scripts that feature Ashton Kutcher.  

Video Scripts

Yoga at Home




I don't know why, but I've been finding my boyfriend more attractive than usual. 


Cut to midshot of Pam & Boyfriend(Jeff) sitting on a couch.  Dimly lit candles are lighting the room.




What can we do Jeff?  The power is out!


As Pam says "Jeff", cut to closeup of Jeff who is average looking.   





It's okay, I have my Yoga tablet.  It has a battery life of 18 hours! Wanna watch a movie?


As Jeff begins dialog, cut to closeup of Pam.  After  "Got," cut to tablet in stand mode on the table. After "Battery", pan up revealing Ashton Kutcher who is now Jeff.


Midshot of Jeff(Ashton) and Pam cuddling on the couch. tablet is facing them.  Loud screams can be heard from the tablet, with bright lights flashing on their faces.  "Different Is Better" appears on screen in white text.


Fade to black With Lenovo logo in the bottom right of screen.  The tablet is featured on the left side of screen with pricing information below it.  


[End Script]


Yoga Around Town


Setting: Coffee shop.   


Mid range close up of Jeff & Brad sitting at a circular table.  The cafe is busy, filled with a young crowd.  Generic piano music & other noises in the background.   




I went hiking last weekend and brought my Yoga 2 tablet.  Look at the photos I got Brad!  


Jeff reaches into a bag on floor and pulls out Yoga tablet. 


Close up of the tablet in stand mode.  Mountains appear on the screen.  Camera pans up revealing Jeff as Ashton Kutcher. 


Midrange Close Up of Brad, rubbing his eyes, bewildered. 




Jeff, you look different dude. 


Mid range close up of Jeff.




Yeah I know, things have been different...


Shot over the shoulder of Brad.  A waitress is holding a tray of coffee, with Jeff to her right.  




(Interupting Jeff) Cup for Brad.


Brad raises hand and is handed the cup.



Cup for Jeff. 


Jeff raises hand.  Waitress puts cup on the table, pulls out a pen & napkin, and scribbles on it.  She kisses it, hands it to Jeff, winks, then walks away.  


Close up of napkin, shows her name, number and a crimson red lip mark.     


Mid range close Up of Jeff & Brad, staring at each other, bug eyed.  There is an awkward silence.  "Different is Better" appears across the screen in a black text.


Fade to black with Lenovo logo in bottom right of screen.  Tablet featured on the left side of the screen with pricing information below it. 


[End Script]