To create a cohesive media campaign in order to increase tourism somewhere in the world.    

Big Idea

"Uncover Every Shade of Green."  Inspired by the Johnny Cash song, 40 Shades of Green, this campaign is designed to show off the beautiful attractions of Ireland.  40 Shades of Green refers to the Irish lore of 40 shade of green filling the countryside. The entire country is open to exploring, leaving it up to the consumers to discover every shade of green.  It gives them something to achieve.  

*Partner: Steph Conte.  


This campaign will consist of a TV Script, A Print Ad & Experiential Media.  


Ireland In The Sky


1. The commercial will open with an aerial view of the Cliffs of Moher. The camera moves at a 360-degree angle, so all sides of the Cliffs are shown, kind of like a sweeping motion. This lasts 4 seconds, and then the camera follows the water near the Cliffs, which it follows into the next scene. 


​2. The camera angle shoots up from the water and shows the Ring of Kerry ruins. At first, the camera shows an image of one of the monuments from the ruins and zooms in on it; then the camera sweeps to the right and shows the entire area of ruins with a right-sweeping motion until it reaches the Ballycorus Chimney. This lasts 4 seconds.


​3. The camera starts at the base of the Chimney and climbs its way up. Once it reaches the top, it will zoom out and show a full image of the Chimney. The camera sweeps to the right to the Rock of Dunamaise. This lasts 3 seconds.


​4. The camera gives a quick glimpse of the Rock of Dunamaise and is slowly zooming in to the center of the landscape but is interrupted by the audio. Camera flashes to the right to Aviva Stadium. Lasts 3 seconds.


​5. The camera shows the excitement and celebration of the fans in Aviva stadium with a sweeping motion. The camera then shows the rugby match being played. Lasts 5 seconds.


​6. The camera cuts to a celebration of the same match being watched in a pub in Ireland, where the patrons are drinking Guinness and wearing Irish rugby jerseys. The camera sweeps to the right and shows the stage of the pub. This lasts 3 seconds. 


7.  The camera shows a live band on this stage playing this song. Screen fades. Lasts 4 seconds.


​8. A landscape of Ireland fades onto the screen and on it reads: “Ireland: Uncover every shade of green.” Lasts 4 seconds. 



As the commercial opens, “Duelling Violins” plays in the background. It starts off slowly to complement the landscapes.






Continue slow music.









​Continue slow music. 
Young Irish woman: “Uncover the sights.”






​Continue slow music for the first half of this scene. Then, the roar of sports fans is heard as the music transitions to upbeat.



Continue upbeat music. The crowd is loud in Aviva Stadium. Hear the realistic noises of a live rugby match. Woman: “Uncover the excitement.”


​Continue upbeat music. The fans in the pub are excited and loud. Hear the small sounds of the match on the pub’s TV.





The same upbeat music now comes from this live band. Still hear some faded noise from pub patrons.


​​The upbeat music slows down and eventually fades as the commercial ends. Woman: “Ireland: Uncover every shade of green.”


Partnering with Guinness, there will be a code in every case of the beer throughout the United States.  Enter that code online, and you could win an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland for two.