American Express: Wave


 Create a new credit card concept for American Express. Campaign is to create awareness for the card.     

Big Idea

"For Those That Dream."  This idea was formed because this card is the future.  We all have dreams, dreams about the future & The Wave is one of those dreams.  The Wave from American Express provides total user security, being the first credit card that needs fingerprint activation in order for the card to work.  

*Card concieved with partner: Steph Conte.


A manifesto, web page, app, card design, print ads, T.V. & Radio Scripts have been created.  


Card Design

Web Page & App Design



Dream to Fly

Mid range wide shot in black & white.  A little boy, Mark, is staring out the window.  Desk is below window, dresser to left, bed to right. Poster of Eiffel Tower above bed.  He is holding a toy airplane.  Generic orchestrated music is played.


He flies the airplane off-screen to left, making fake engine buzz noises.      


Mark returns, older, in grad gown, hanging diploma on wall.


Cut to an over the shoulder shot of airline assistant. 


Mark points at the board behind the airline assistant, and hands a credit card to her. She swipes it, shakes her head, hands it back.  Mark is visibly agitated.


Cut to close up of Mark's Phone with fraud alert message.  


Cut to a mid range close up of Mark sitting at a bar.


Mark takes a swig out of a beer glass and looks around. 


Cut to a wide shot of pretty Girl at the bar across from him.


She turns her head toward Mark's direction and smiles.      


Cut to Mark & Girl walking down the street, holding hands.  


Cut to a close up of Mark sitting at his desk.   


Mark is looking at a letter, it says American Express Wave. 


Cut to an over the shoulder shot of an airline assistant


Mark points at the board behind the Airline Assistant.   


Cut to a close up of Mark's wallet in hand.


Mark pulls out the Wave card and puts his finger on the scanner. The card's electronic waves light up.


Cut to over the shoulder shot of an airline assistant


Mark hands her the card, she swipes it & nods.  Mark and the Girl look at each other in excitement.


Cut to a mid range shot of Mark & The Girl With Eifell Tower Behind them.   


The two of them are walking, holding hands.  Mark drops on one knee to propose.  The Girl nods excitedly & Mark hugs her.  Text appears that says "To The Lifelong Dreamers."    


Fade to black.  The image of the Wave card & logo are in the center of the screen.  These fade & slogan "Technology has its perks, Membership has its privileges" & American Express logo pops up on screen.